Western Digital introduces new SanDisk Pro-Blade modular SSD system

Designed to meet photographers’ and videographers’ need for multiple and super-fast portable storage devices to edit and store high-resolution content, Western Digital (WD) has introduced an all-new SanDisk Pro-Blade modular SSD (solid-state drive) system.

This Pro-Blade system comes in three parts – the Pro-Blade SSD Mag, the Pro-Blade Transport portable SSD enclosure and the Pro-Blade Station Thunderbolt 3 desktop SSD enclosure.

The Pro-Blade SSD Mag is essentially a NVMe SSD storage with a sleek aluminium magazine case. It comes with a custom connector that lets you insert into the Pro-Blade Transport or Station. The SSD Mag will be available in three capacities of 1TB, 2TB and 4TB.

The Pro-Blade SSD Mag. (Photo: WD)

As its name implies, the Pro-Blade Transport is designed for on-the-go use. It is able to hold one Pro-Blade SSD Mag with USB-C connectivity for read and write speeds of up to 2,000MB per second. You can easily swap the SSD Mags on the Transport and connect it to different cameras. Or simply to transfer the photos or footage to your laptop for quick editing.

The Pro-Blade Transport. (Photo: WD)

And when you get back home, you can insert the SSD Mags into the Pro-Blade Station. This desktop enclosure is able to hold up to four SSD Mags. Its Thunderbolt 3 technology – with a 40GB per second interface – allows you to editing up to 12K video footages in real time. So, you do not even need to transfer files to your computer for editing.

The Pro-Blade Station. (Photo: WD)

At the same time, WD has unveiled new SanDisk Extreme Pro SD and microSD cards that come with an amazing UHS-I reading speeds of up to 200MB per second. This makes them the fastest UHS-I SD and microSD cards in the world. To take advantage of the speed, you can use the new SanDisk Pro-Reader SD and microSD card reader.

The new SanDisk Extreme Pro memory cards and reader. (Photo: WD)

For gamers, WD has some good news too. It just launched the WD_Black SN850X flagship NVMe SSD and WD_Black P40 Game Drive external SSD.

The WD_Black SN850X (front) and WD_Black P40 Game Drive. (Photo: WD)

The SN850X is designed for hardcore gamers who craves for the fastest possible speed. It is said to deliver read speeds of up to 7,300MB per second for minimised latency, minimal lag and super fast loading times. It will come in three capacities of 1TB, 2TB and 4TB. An optional heatsink (for 1TB and 2TB models) will be available to maintain peak performance as well as add RGB lighting to complement your gaming rig.

For portable external storage, gamers can consider the P40 Game Drive that comes in a sleek but shock-resistant casing. It features a USB-C (USB 3.2 Gen 2×2) connectivity with a read speed of up to 2,000MB per second as well as customisable RGB lighting (Windows only).

However, there is no word on the pricing and available of these WD products in Singapore yet.