Cat adventure game Stray has a limited-edition cat carrier and harness

Feline lovers scream! The cat action adventure game Stray is available today on PlayStation and PC. If you are a PlayStation Plus Extra and and Deluxe subscriber, you get the game free as long as you remain as a subscriber.

To celebrate this cat-venture game’s release, its developer Annapurna Interactive is launching a limited-edition cat carrier.

Essentially, the Stray x Travel Cat Backpack – Limited Edition (S$245) is a re-badging of Travel Cat’s best-seller “The Fat Cat” cat carrier.

The Stray x Travel Cat Backpack – Limited Edition. No, it does not come with the cat. (Photo: Travel Cat)

But its colourful neon and yellow stripes are inspired by the stunning visuals of the game. It can carry your feline friend of up to 11kg. It also has a bubble attachment for your cat to see the world, as you carry it around the neighbourhood. Good news is Travel Cat ships to Singapore and you can pre-order it here.

In addition, you can buy a cat harness that is inspired by the one worn by the cat in Stray. It features an adjustable chest strap and a neck strap with buckles and strong velcro.

The Stray x Travel Cat Harness & Leash (cat not included, darn…). (Photo: Travel Cat)

Its strong nylon leash is reflective to keep your cat in sight with a purr-fect length of 2m. Again, you can pre-order the Stray x Travel Cat Harness & Leash Set – Limited Edition here at S$70.

That’s all, folks! I need to go back to playing Stray!