Leica launches Q3, its latest fixed-lens full-frame camera

Leica has announced the third generation of its highly-acclaimed fixed-lens full-frame camera Q family with the Leica Q3. Since its debut in 2015, the Leica Q series has garnered worldwide recognition from photographers, creatives, and enthusiasts alike, making it a sought-after choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.

The Q3 pushes boundaries by delivering impeccable photo and video results, according to its maker. At the heart of the camera lies the backside-illuminated 60-megapixel (MP) full-frame CMOS image sensor, equipped with Triple-Resolution-Technology. It supported by the latest Maestro Series processor with L2 Technology, ensuring seamless and high-speed operation.

The Leica Q3. (Photo: Leica)

The Triple-Resolution-Technology gives photographers a choice of three resolutions – 60, 36, or 18 MP. The 60MP resolution ensures unrivalled detail and intricate structures in every shot, while the 36MP and 18MP options offer faster operation, extended image sequences, and smaller file sizes. Leveraging the entire sensor area for all resolutions, the Leica Q3 offers sensitivity ranging from ISO 50 to 100,000.

The Q3 also boasts one of the fastest lenses available in the market, featuring a 28mm f/1.7 Summilux ASPH stabilised lens with an integrated macro mode that enables users to capture close-up shots from a minimum focusing distance of 17 cm.

In addition to its high resolution, this third-generation Q camera introduces an extended digital zoom, allowing users to zoom to focal lengths of 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, and now, 90 mm. Enhancing the overall photography experience, the Leica Q3 introduces two new practical assistants: Leica Perspective Control (LPC) and Leica Dynamic Range (LDR), both of which ensure flawless JPEG images without the need for post-processing.

The Leica Q3 comes with a 60MP full-frame image sensor and a fast 28mm f/1.7 lens. (Photo: Leica)

The autofocus system of the Leica Q3 has undergone significant improvements too. It now features a new hybrid autofocus system with phase detection guarantees ultra-fast and precise focusing and object tracking.

In combination with high-precision contrast autofocus, the Depth from Defocus system, phase detection autofocus, and intelligent subject recognition, the Leica Q3 captures sharp and brilliant images, which are presented crisply and clearly on its new 5.76MP OLED viewfinder.

Unlike the Q2, the Q3 now boasts a tiltable display. (Photo: Leica)

It also comes with a new tiltable 3-inch high-resolution touchscreen that features a high-quality tilting mechanism. So, photographers and videographers can now explore unique viewing angles and unlock creative possibilities. Despite the movable display, the Leica Q3 retains its robustness, offering protection against dust and spray water thanks to its IP52 certification.

The Leica Q3 will be available starting today at S$8,960 at official Leica Singapore Stores, Leica Online Store and authorised dealers.