Nikon launches Z f – spiritual successor to the iconic FM2 [UPDATED WITH PRICING]

For oldies (like myself) who started their photography journey using film cameras, they will remember the iconic Nikon FM2. It is a workhorse film camera wielded from professional to weekend shutterbugs. Now, Nikon has launched a spiritual successor in the form of Z f.

Nikon Z f, clearly inspired by Nikon FM2 film camera. (Photo: Nikon)

The Nikon Z f represents the best of the old and new – old heritage design with the latest digital technology. It is equipped with a full-frame 24-megapixel sensor and the EXPEED 7 image-processing engine found in flagship Nikon Z 9. As such, it is able to capture both still and moving images with superb autofocusing (AF) and vibration reduction (VR) performance.

Z f’s AF is said to detect various subjects without the need to change settings. Thus, it allows you to focus on composition and the camera takes care of focusing. In addition, it can even detect human faces as small as 3% of the frame size.

Yet on the outside, it looks just like a camera of old, with physical dials for settings such as shutter speeds and ISO. The Z f also features a glossy black finish with a premium feel on a magnesium body and a grip that provides a good hold with FX lenses.

The retro looks of Z f will be a road down memory lane. (Photo: Nikon)

Local pricing and availability have yet to be confirmed. But in the US, it is priced at US$2,000 (body only). Local pricing is out! Here you go: –

  • Z f (Body only): S$3,299
  • Z f Body + Z 40mm f/2 (SE) lens: $3,699
  • Z f Body + Z 24-70mm f/4 lens: $4,199

I really hope to get my hands on a review unit soon!