Fujifilm’s X100VI finally arrives after four years

After four long years, Fujifilm finally refreshed its best-selling X100 premium compact camera series with the X100IV. I last reviewed its precedessor, the X100V, when I was still in The Straits Times. And this camera has proved its worth over the years, constantly being in demand.

So what’s new? You get a new image sensor with Fujifilm’s X-Trans CMOS 5 HR APS-C sensor with 40.2 megapixels (up from 26.1-megapixels of its predecessor) for better image quality and X-Processor 5 image processor for an improved shooting speed of up to 20 frames per second (up from 11 frames per second).

Most importantly, Fujifilm has finally imbued in-body image stabilisation (IBIS) to a X100 series camera. The X100VI has a five-axis IBIS system with up to six stops of stabilisation. Great when you are trying to snap a decisive moment without camera shake.

The new Fujifilm X100VI. Still looks damn good. (Photo: Fujifilm)

Otherwise, its iconic retro design remains the same. Why change when it is already so good-looking? It does weigh 43g heavier due to the IBIS system. It still uses the same 23mm f/2.0 (35mm in 35mm equivalent) lens and still comes in black or white.

Expectedly though, the Fujifilm X100VI will cost more at S$2,499 (S$310 more than its predecessor). But it will be available soon, as there will be an early bird special offer Feb 28 till 31 Mar, whereby you will get many free gifts, including a 256GB UHS-II SD card, a camera bag, a card reader, a 32GB flash drive, an additional NPW126s battery, and other goodies. Hope I get to review this camera…

The early bird offer for X100VI. (Photo: Fujifilm)

In addition, to commemorate Fujifilm’s 90th anniversary, there will be a limited edition X100VI to be released in a limited number of 1,934 units worldwide. This limited edition is said to be packed in a special box that includes a limited edition strap, soft release button and other accessories.

The limited edition X100VI. (Photo: Fujifilm)

The camera body will be engraved with the corporate brand logo from the company’s founding in 1934 and a unique serial number as proof of the limited edition. Not too sure about how much this will cost though but I am really tempted…