Quick Review: A Case for Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

At the start of the year, I decided to upgrade to the latest Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max. And immediately, I was faced with the task of getting protection for the expensive smartphone.

The screen protector to use was an easy choice with Belkin ScreenForce Screen Protector (S$49, get it at Shopee) as it is easy to install and very durable. Simply put, highly recommended if you can find the stocks.

But if you have been following me for years (thank you if you are), you will know I am a sucker for iPhone cases. So, I found myself buying a case after another. And all these cases must support MagSafe charging. This is my verdict after swapping through five iPhone cases in three months.

Apple FineWoven Case with MagSafe
S$89, get it at Shopee

I was rather disappointed by the new environmentally-friendly “leather” case. While the case is lightweight and the handling is great with responsive buttons, the FineWoven thingy left “debris” everywhere from MagSafe chargers to my office table top. A disappointment, especially when I used to love Apple’s leather cases.

Best handling
Thin and lightweight
Responsive buttons

Left “leather debris” everywhere

Belkin Marvel Series SheerForce Magnetic iPhone Case
S$58, get it at Shopee

This is the cheapest case in this roundup despite the Iron Man graphics at its rear. And it feels like it when you hold it. The rear is pretty shiny and a bit slippery but it is lightweight and handles well. A little disappointed that the Iron Man’s Arc Reactor does not glow…

Cheapest in this roundup
Responsive buttons

Feels cheap
Was hoping the Iron Man’s Arc Reactor will glow

Otterbox Symmetry Plus
S$79.90, get it at Shopee

My wife swears by Otterbox cases. In fact, she won’t use an iPhone until it wears an Otterbox. I like that it is a clear case that showcases the beauty of the iPhone. As you might expect, it is sturdy like hell. But it is rather hefty and adds width to an already big phone. The biggest bugbear though is that its power button is not responsive. You have to press quite hard to turn off the screen.

Clear case
Sturdy like an Otterbox

The power button not responsive
Adds width to the phone

Spigen Classic C1
S$79.90, get it at Shopee

I got this case because of its retro Bondi Blue colour, reminiscent of the Bondi Blue iMac of the past. I also love geeky looking “internals” of the rear to mimic something like the Nothing phone. On the down sides, the rear tends to attract smudges and fingerprints. Also, the front silver perimeter is a distraction. Not to mention, installation is a hassle for someone like me who love to change cases.

Retro Bondi Blue looks
Good looking

Rear is fingerprint and smudge magnet
Silver perimeter in front a distraction
Installation a hassle

UAG iPhone 15 Pro Max Case Monarch Pro
S$124.90, get it at Shopee

This is the most expensive case in this roundup (though I got it for much cheaper on Shopee sale). I have always been a fan of UAG for its rugged looks and shock-resistant capabilities. And this case will not disappoint, though I won’t drop my phone to vouch for it. However, it is the heaviest here and adds much bulk to the phone. Furthermore, some MagSafe chargers don’t work on it sometimes. But if you use original Apple MagSafe, it is usually safe.

Most sturdy on paper
Rugged looks

Heavy and adds bulk to the phone
MagSafe doesn’t work at times
Most expensive

VERDICT: For now, UAG Monarch Pro gets my vote here because of its rugged looks and shock-resistant capabilities (at least on paper).

However, the search for the perfect case is always on. So, anyone who wants to send cases for iPhone 15 Pro Max for me to test is warmly welcomed! Just email me at trevor@trevortan.com! Thanks!