Epomaker DynaTab 75X Review: Gaming mechanical keyboard with dot-matrix display

For starters, this review is based on an unit I bought. I got the Epomaker DynaTab 75X from a Kickstarter project in March this year. And what entices me to do so is simple. This is a gaming mechanical keyboard with a dot-matrix display! Shut up, and take my money!

Anyway, the keyboard was delivered quite promptly in early April once the Kickstarter project ended, unlike the Star Citizen space-sim game that I backed more than decade ago (a story for another day). It only took me so long to pen this review, as I was really busy with work.

Hello Epomaker DynaTab 75X! (Photo: Trevor Tan)

As its name implies, the Epomaker DynaTab 75X is a 75% size keyboard with 84 keys. But unlike conventional 75% keyboard, as this DynaTab 75X is bigger as it contains an extra column of PrtScn, Insert and ScrLk keys.

  • Price: US$139.99, get it at Epomaker Store
  • Connectivity: USB-C, 2.4GHz Wireless and Bluetooth
  • Battery: 10,000mAh
  • Weight: 1.11kg

Above the function keys sits a rectangular dot-matrix LED screen with 540 LED lights (this is what I am talking about). It allows you to display time and date, as well as animations you create or download using the Epomaker Driver app.

Beside the LED screen, there is a panel where you will find a Light Bulb button to toggle through the display and a switch that lets you choose the connectivity you prefer – Bluetooth, USB-C and 2.4GHz Wireless connection. There is a removable cover here that hides the 2.4GHz USB dongle. Pretty neat!

The 2.4GHz USB dongle is hidden underneath here. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

For Bluetooth connectivity, it can paired up to three devices. As such, you can easily toggle among the devices once paired. In addition, I love the fact that when connected to a macOS computer, the DynaTab 75X is able to automatically switch the Window keys to Option and the Alt keys to Command.

The keyboard comes in two colours of black grey and purple white. I have too many black keyboards, which is why I opted for the purple white. Plus, the purple white option comes with additional Option and Command Mac keys.

Built-in dot-matrix LED screen!Epomaker app only works on Windows
Affordable pricingFeels “plasticky”
Auto-detect macOS machinesNot locally available in Shopee or Lazada
Comes with Mac keycaps (purple white model only)
Many connectivity options

For the switches, I chose the Epomaker Wisteria (Tactile). You can also opt for other Epomaker switches – Wisteria (Linear), Flamingo (Linear) or Sea Salt (Silent). I always perfer the Clicky switches, so the tactile switches are the next best thing for me.

Apart from the slightly-larger (than normal 75% keyboards) footprint, the DynaTab 75X still takes up less tabletop space compared to normal full-size keyboards. So your mouse will not be too far apart to cause shoulder aches.

The keyboard’s positioning plate is crafted with “precision-grade” polycarbonate, i.e. plastic, that promises longevity while being lightweight. Said to be embedded within the construction are the silicone plugs that absorb shocks, reduce key noise and deliver a muted thud with every stroke.

The construction of DynaTab 75X. (Photo: Epomaker)

No wonder I feel the the key stroke sound could have been louder given the tactile switches. But I think your colleagues will thank you for the softer sound. However, I do find the key caps and the overall build of the keyboard to be a bit “plasticky”. It lacks the premium feel I get from my workhorse Keychron Q1 Pro.

That said, when it comes to typing or gaming, it is like fish in water, tuna in river and shark in open sea. I was able to type quickly and smoothly without much errors.

Playing games from Diablo IV to Fallout 4, there was zero lag whether I was playing via USB-C wired or Bluetooth. Truth be told, I still prefer to use wired when playing games as I don’t want to be caught “offline” in the heat of the battle. But office work, I have no qualms using either Bluetooth or 2.4GHz Wireless.

This is how I usually end up using the keyboard. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

For the dot-matrix LED screen, I find myself switching to the date and time display almost by default. But there are tons of user-generated animations and lighting effects that you can download using the Epomaker Driver app. You can also try your hand in making one for yourself. I tried but mine is pretty elementary as you can see at the start of this review.

The Epomaker Driver app is great, but only available on Windows. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

Unfortunately, this app is only available for Windows. And you need this app to update the keyboard’s firmware. This is crucial, as it urgently needs firmware updates at times. For example, out of the box when powered up, the LED screen showed a typo “Hello Eopmaker” welcome message instead of “Hello Epomaker”. It took a firmware update to correct it.

VERDICT: At only US$139.99, the Epomaker DynaTab 75X is seriously a steal (I got it cheaper from Kickstarter) with its fun dot-matrix LED screen and various connectivity options. The build might be a bit plastic but it can be forgiven for its affordable price tag. Only downer is you have to order it from Epomaker Store, as it is not available locally on Shopee or Lazada.