Omnidesk Altas review: The standing mat to get

If you are still working from home or in an office that uses a height-adjustable desk like the Omnidesk, the Omnidesk Altas Anti Fatigue Mat might just be the thing you need.

  • Price: S$79 (Mini, model reviewed) or S$89 (Standard)
  • Material: Specialised gel with non-slip bottom
Nice to stand onStoring it is an issue
Feels bouncyNot cheap
Reduces strain on your feetCollects dust easily

The Altas comes in two sizes – Mini (77 x 51.5 x 1.9cm) and Standard (100 x 51.5 x 1.9cm). As you can tell from the picture below, the only difference is the length. So, you know which one to get depending on the size of your room or table. Otherwise, they are similar with the same thickness of around 2cm.

The dimensions of Atlas. (Photo: Omnidesk)

According to its maker, the Atlas is made from specialised gel – commonly found in premium running shoes – that greatly reduces the strain of prolonged standing on hard surfaces. Plus, it has been specially engineered for maximum cushion and support.

For a start, it is certainly nice to stand on the mat, rather than the hard cold floor of my HDB flat. When I stand on the mat, it feels like standing on those playground surfaces in your HDB neighbourhood.

The Atlas works for both standing and sitting. (Photo: Omnidesk)

There is a certain bounce to it and it certainly helps to reduce the strain on your feet when you are standing for long periods. Not to mention, I think the mat is good even when you are sitting down to work. Its smoothness and bounciness will certainly make working a tad more pleasant.

In addition, it comes with a non-slip bottom. Thus, it does not move much even when you are fidgeting or moving your feet on the mat. But the mat does collect a fair bit of dust from your feet. Or maybe because the dust shows up more readily due to the mat’s black colour.

The bevelled edges of Altas is both a boon and bane. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

The mat’s bevelled edges have been designed to prevent accidents. In other words, they are there to prevent you from tripping over the mat. But if you are not used to it, it might come as a shock when you move towards the mat. This is especially so, when you are holding a cup of coffee while still waking up from your slumber.

But my biggest issue with the Atlas is storing it. Even with the Mini version, I have trouble storing or stowing it away. Despite its bevelled edges, you cannot really roll a chair over it. At least, I am afraid of the chair damaging the mat.

It might not be advisable to roll a chair over the Altas. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

VERDICT: Whether you are working sitting or standing, the Omnidesk Altas Anti Fatigue Mat will be a great addition to your work station to alleviate the strain on your feet.