Kingdom Hearts IV announced, release date unknown

Fans of Kingdom Hearts rejoice! During an event in Japan to celebrate this action role-playing game (RPG) series’ 20th anniversary, its developer Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts IV. It will be the fourth major instalment of the series.

A collaboration between Square Enix and Disney, Kingdom Hearts series has sold over been sold 35 million copies worldwide. It has plenty of spin-offs and merchandise, making it one of the most successful action RPGs of all time.

Sora is back saving the world again. (Photo: Square Enix)

You have to skip to the 4:09 minute mark to see the trailer of Kingdom Hearts IV in the video below. But as the trailer revealed, Sora is back with his iconic Keyblade as he wakes up to a new world of Quadratum.

Square Enix said this large and expansive city is set in a gorgeous realistic world that is unlike anything you have seen before in the series. In the trailer, you will see Sora battling a giant enemy in the Quadratum.

Not to mention, Sora’s long-time companions – Donald and Goofy – are likely to be back as they make a brief appearance in the trailer. There is also a new character called Strelitzia, who was first introduced in Kingdom Hearts Union Cross. However, the game is still in development and there is no word on its availability.

Sora’s companions are back too. (Photo: Square Enix)

At the same time, Square Enix also announced a mobile game called Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link. It is the first location-based action RPG in the Kingdom Hearts series. And it will bring iconic worlds of the series like Scala ad Caelum into the real world. The game will be available as a closed beta on Android and iOS this August (limited to specific regions).

Screenshot of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link. (Photo: Square Enix)

In all, it is a good day for Kingdom Hearts’ fans!