Casio’s slimmer G-Shock MT-G available here next month

The MT-G represents the ultimate manifestation of premium and craftsmanship in a G-Shock by Casio. Next month, Casio will be releasing a slimmer MT-G with the MTG-B3000.

It sports a new slimmer module and a more advanced Dual Core Guard shock-resistant structure that is more than 2mm thinner than the previous model, MTG-B1000.

A slimmer module is built for the MTG-B3000. (Photo: Casio)

For the MTG-B3000, Casio has developed the slimmest module for a G-SHOCK solar chronograph. At the same time, the newly-developed Dual Core Guard structure protects the module with a carbon-reinforced resin case and encloses the exterior with metal components. This not only retains the metallic look and texture, it also reduces the weight. In addition, its raised sides protect the crown and buttons and serve as the lugs to secure the band.

Casio G-Shock MTG-B3000 in black. (Photo: Casio)

Not to mention, this MT-G features radio-controlled calibration and Smartphone Link connectivity via Bluetooth. It also comes equipped with a solar charging system and a high-brightness LED light for you to see in the dark.

The Casio G-Shock MTG-B3000 comes in three colours of grey, red and green with pricing starting from S$1,599. It will be available at Casio Online Store and in all G-Shock stores next month.