Logitech offers more clack with MX Mechanical keyboards but softer click with MX Master 3S mouse

Logitech has heard you, my gamer friends. You love your gaming mechanical keyboards but still want the productivity convenience of Logitech’s MX Keys keyboards? You can now have the best of both worlds with the MX Mechanical and MX Mechanical Mini keyboards.

Logitech MX Mechanical keyboard. (Photo: Logitech)

In essence, these new keyboards share the same design as its predecessors – MX Keys and MX Keys Mini. While the MX Keys use laptop-like key switches like those of Apple’s Magic Keyboard, the MX Mechanical keyboards use the latest generation low-profile mechanical switches.

You can choose from the tactile quiet Brown switches or the smooth linear Red switches. For those who prefer the clicky clacky sound of every key strike, there is the option of the clicky Blue switches.

You can choose from three switches – clicky Blue, quiet Brown or linear Red (above). (Photo: Logitech)

If you like a full-size keyboard, you can opt for the MX Mechanical. But if you are like me who prefer a smaller footprint, you should go for the MX Mechanical Mini.

Logitech MX Mechanical Mini keyboard. (Photo: Logitech)

Other features of the MX Mechanical keyboards include smart illumination. In other words, the keyboard’s backlight will lit up when it senses your hands approaching.

The keyboards also feature smart backlighting that automatically adjusts brightness for ambient light and switches off when not needed. In addition, they have dual-coloured keycaps for better peripheral view.

At the same time, Logitech has updated the best productivity mouse (in my books) in the market – MX Master 3 – with the MX Master 3S. While the MX Mechanical keyboards go for more clacks, the MX Master 3S mouse goes for quieter clicks.

Logitech MX Master 3S mouse. (Photo: Logitech)

In fact, I think the “S” probably stands for silent, as the clicks are 90% quieter than its predecessor. Or the “S” might also stand for speed. The MX Master 3S features an 8,000-dpi optical sensor, which is twice the amount of dpi compared to the MX Master 3.

Otherwise, the design of the new MX Master remains similar to its predecessor. Plus, the MX Master 3S retains the MagSpeed Electromagnetic scroll wheel that can zip though 1,000 lines per second. And it automatically shifts from line-by-line scrolling to free-spinning when you scroll faster.

The MX Master 3S has a 8,000-dpi optical sensor, twice the dpi of its predecessor. (Photo: Logitech)

All the three new Logitech peripherals are compatible with Logi Options+ software, which is just out of beta. Using the software, you can customise individual buttons, adjust tracking speed, select backlighting effects, use pre-defined or create your own app-specific profiles to help optimise your workflow.

Not to mention, they can connect up to three different devices via either Logi Bolt (2.4GHz USB) or Bluetooth. And all three peripherals support a variety of operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android.

The Logitech MX Mechanical (S$299), MX Mechanical Mini (S$259) and MX Master 3S (S$169) will be available on its official store on Lazada and Shopee from June 3.

However, from May 25, 6PM SGT, the MX Master 3S will be available for exclusive pre-order on Lazada while the MX Mechanical can be pre-ordered exclusively on Shopee.