New Gadgets of the Week (July 3): Huawei Band 7, LG DualUp Ergo Monitor & more

If you are too busy to keep track of the latest tech gadgets that are launched, here is a good place to check them out.

Huawei Band 7
S$88, get it at Lazada from July 4

The Band 7 is Huawei’s thinnest smart band ever. It measures only 9.99mm thin and weighs a mere 16g (with strap). But yet, it comes with a large display as well as comprehensive health monitoring features, such as sleep tracking, stress level and heart rate monitoring. Best of all, it has a long 14-day battery life, so you do not need to stress over charging it every day.

LG DualUp Ergo Monitor 28MQ780
S$999, get it at Lazada

Tried of dual monitor setups? You might want to get the LG DualUp Ergo Monitor 28MQ780 instead. This 27.6-inch monitor offers a resolution of 2,560 x 2,880 pixels. Yes, you read that right. It is almost a square display.

In essence, it is like having two 21.5-inch monitors stack on top of each other. This offers you a bigger screen real estate to improve your workflow and productivity, whether you are working on two documents side by side, or editing a video with the preview on top and adjustment tools below.

Casio G-Shock DW-5600SRS-7DR
S$189, get it at Casio G-Shock Store this month

Part of the Iridescent series, this watch is part of Casio’s first G-SHOCK series to feature the rainbow vapour deposition process on the watch face.

This process on the watch face creates various shades of colour as it reflects light, which expresses an image of the midsummer dusk. This particular model – G-Shock DW-5600SRS-7DR – comes with transparent bezel and watch straps that are sure to turn heads.