Casio celebrates Suzuka Circuit’s 60-year-old birthday with EDIFICE SOSPENSIONE Honda Racing Red Edition

In collaboration with Honda Racing (HRC), Casio has launched the EDIFICE SOSPENSIONE Honda Racing Red Edition watch to celebrate Suzuka Circuit’s 60th anniversary.

The Suzuka Circuit is one of the oldest and most celebrated circuits in the Formula One calendar. It has seen plenty of action from the 1988 championship won by the late legendary Ayrton Senna and the controversial 1989 championship that went to Alain Prost.

The Casio EDIFICE SOSPENSIONE Honda Racing Red Edition. (Photo: Casio)

Using the EQB-2000 as the base, it has a design inspired by the double-wishbone suspension used in racing cars as well as the Honda NSX GT3 motif with red accents on a black background. The watch’s band is made from Alcantara – a synthetic material known for its durability and comfort and used for the interior of Honda’s Type R cars.

This new commemorative model features HRC’s spirit with the X-frame of the dial painted with the same paint used in the Honda red badge. The HRC brand logo is featured prominently on the dial of the watch, with the Honda logo and the Honda Racing logo engraved on to the case, band ring and back cover. The back cover also comes with the engraving of a logo celebrating the 60th birthday of the Suzuka Circuit.

The back cover of the watch features a logo celebrate Suzuka Circuit’s 60th birthday. (Photo: Casio)

This watch comes with a chronograph for precise timekeeping. It is also equipped with Bluetooth to link to your smartphone via an app for auto time adjustment, watch settings, world time and an iPhone finder.

Priced at S$849, the Casio EDIFICE SOSPENSIONE Honda Racing Red Edition will be available at Kah Motor, from Nov 2 onwards. It will then be available at EDIFICE retailers, starting from Nov 23.