Dyson to spend 500 million pounds in the next four years on beauty innovations

As the world continues to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, Dyson is setting its sight on something that has been a perennial concern. Beauty, that is.

The British tech giant said it will be committing half a billion pounds (S$812 million) to expand and accelerate its research and technology development across its beauty portfolio in the next four years. And beauty lovers can looking forward to more Dyson’s “pretty” gadgets, as it announced plans to launch 20 new beauty products in the next four years.

Dyson will be putting in half a billion pounds into beauty innovation. (Photo: Dyson)

Across Dyson’s four Technology Campuses, there are 6,000 engineers and scientists in hundreds of laboratories doing rigorous testing of new ideas and technologies for the next generation of beauty products. Developing technology for all hair types remains a crucial focus for the research and development teams at Dyson

For Dyson to truly understand how all hair types behave as well as identify better and healthier ways to style your hair, Dyson has developed test rigs and employ state of the art equipment. Machinery such as scanning electron microscopes, thermal cameras and airflow laser smoke machines help engineers better understand the impact of hair damage, global hair types and the effects of high-speed airflow.

The investment will allow Dyson engineers and scientists to learn more about your hair. (Photo: Dyson)

The new monetary investment will create new lab spaces to deepen Dyson’s understanding of global hair types and damage, while supporting the continued diversification of Dyson’s beauty technology.

At the same time, Dyson also released the results of its most comprehensive hair research study, called Dyson Global Hair Study. In Singapore, Dyson found that 40% of Singaporeans cited hair loss as their common hair or scalp issues.

Interestingly, 70% of Singaporeans felt that their hair is damaged but yet most still feel their hair is healthy. Thankfully, 90% of Singapore wash their hair every day or once every two days, which is more than the global average of 80%.