Samsung and OSIM have new Pokémon merchandise!

With the launch of the latest Pokémon game – Scarlet and Violet – there are a whole of activities, such as the recently concluded Pokémon Go Festival Singapore, and promotions going on in Singapore. The tech companies also jumping on the bandwagon.

Samsung will be launching a special edition of Pokemon-themed accessories in Singapore for its Galaxy Z Flip4 5G smartphone, Galaxy Buds2 Pro earbuds, and Galaxy Watch5 smartwatch, while OSIM will be launching its uCozy Momi Neck & Shoulder Massager (Pokémon Edition).

The Pokémon Cover with Ring for Galaxy Z Flip4 5G (S$78) features four beloved Pokémon characters – Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Pikachu – and embellished with Poké Balls. The silicone casing protects the smartphone against bumps and scratches, while its rear ring allows for a more secure grip and easier handling.

Pokémon Cover with Ring for Galaxy Z Flip4 5G (Photo: Samsung)

The Poké Ball Cover for Galaxy Buds2 Pro (S$58), as its name implies, comes in the form of Poké Ball. Just like every trainer needs a Poké Ball for their adventure, the cover is great for users who need a protective cover for their Galaxy Buds2 Pro. It is also compatible with other Samsung earbuds such as Galaxy Buds2, Galaxy Buds Live, and Galaxy Buds Pro.

Poké Ball Cover for Galaxy Buds2 Pro. (Photo: Samsung)

If you have the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 smartwatch, you can change out the strap Poké Ball Watch Strap (S$58). It features a playful design with Poké Balls on the band.

Poké Ball Watch Strap. (Photo: Samsung)

This Pokémon-themed collection will be available in Singapore from Nov 23, exclusively through the Samsung Online Store and Samsung Experience Stores.

Meanwhile, OSIM has launched the uCozy Momi Neck & Shoulder Massager (Pokémon Edition). Essentially, it is a massage pillow with designs of the lovable Pokémon. There are three designs featuring the evolution line of Pikachu, Charmander and Snorlax. The front will feature these cute Pokémon, while the rear will sport the design of the Poké Ball.

OSIM uCozy Momi Neck & Shoulder Massager (Pokémon Edition). (Photo: OSIM)

It offers kneading massage to ease your aching neck, shoulders and back, whether you are in office or at home. It is also rechargeable and you can bring it everywhere you go. Priced at S$199, the OSIM uCozy Momi Neck & Shoulder Massager (Pokémon Edition) is now available for pre-order at OSIM website.