Leica launches new monochrome ZM1 and ZM2 watches

Following the success of its first Leica Watch collection launched in Feb 2022, Leica will be releasing the new Leica ZM Monochrom Edition. This is an expansion to the renamed Leica ZM collection (formerly known as the Leica Watch collection). For your information, ZM stands stands for “Zeitmesser”, a German word that describes an instrument that measures and displays time.

Clearly inspired by the latest Leica M11 Monochrom (see my first look) camera, the Leica ZM Monochrom Edition removes all colour and silver tones, except for the red dot, to achieve a cool minimalist aesthetic. Beneath the anti-reflective and curved sapphire crystal are the black rhodium-plated, diamond-cut, sandblasted indices and hands. The dial, including its feet, is said to be milled from a solid block of high-strength aluminium for reinforced shock-resistance.

Leica ZM 1 Monochrom. (Photo: Leica)

The Monochrom Edition watch strap is made from thick, strong-grained black calf leather that is identical in texture to the M11 Monochrom camera. This strap is crafted using cut-edge construction coupled with hand-stitching and adorned with a black PVD-coated pin buckle to support the sturdy yet refined look.

Like the original ZM collection, the Leica ZM Monochrom Edition collection will come in two models – the ZM 1 and ZM 2. Both feature the in-house mechanical and hand-wound movement with the patented push-crown. Pressing this crown stops the movement from working, and resets the second hand to zero to enable easy time-setting.

However, the ZM 2 (above) has an additional feature as a GMT-watch (Greenwich Mean Time), which together with a day/night indicator allows the wearer to read two time zones with a single set of hands.

The new Leica ZM 1 Monochrom will be retailing at €11,550.00 (Singapore pricing to be confirmed) and €15,450.00 (Singapore pricing to be confirmed) for Leica ZM 2 Monochrom. They will only be available at Leica Store Raffles Hotel Arcade from May 15.