Singapore watch brand BOLDR launches limited-edition Pokémon timepieces

Singapore watch brand, BOLDR Supply Company, just announced a new limited collection of tough adventure watches featuring the first-generation starter Pokémon – Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle – and fan-favourite Pikachu!

The understated Pikachu model. (Photo: BOLDR Supply Company)

The Pokémon timepieces come from the all-new BOLDR Voyage collection, a refreshed edition of the BOLDR Voyager. The new collection comes with a robust 40mm stainless steel case is fully stainless case with an integrated steel bracelet. They are powered by reliable Japanese movements that are renowned for their accuracy.

The Squirtle model looks sleek in blue. (Photo: BOLDR Supply Company)

The Pikachu and Charmander timepieces use a NH38 automatic movement, while the Blastoise timepiece has a NH37 automatic movement with a 24-hour indicator sub-dial at 10 o’clock position. The Venusaur timepiece has a VK64 meca-Quartz movement with chronograph functions and 2 subdials – a 60-minute stopwatch on the left sub-dial and a 24-hour indicator for the right sub-dial.

Apart from the Pikachu, you will find the starter Pokémon on the watch face of each BOLDR Pokémon timepiece while the transparent case back will show the final evolved version. For instance, with the Charmander watch, you will see the silhouette of Charmander on the six o’clock position on the watch face and the image of Charizard on its transparent case back. What a way to enjoy the NH38 movement with the Pokémon!

You see Charmander in front and Charizard behind? (Photo: BOLDR Supply Company)

For Pikachu, you will still find the image of Pikachu, instead of Raichu, on the transparent case back.

(Ash’s) Pikachu does not like to evolve… (Photo: BOLDR Supply Company)

Each BOLDR Pokémon watch is priced only at S$599. And this limited release will be available on BOLDR’s website on April 27. Unfortunately, these timepieces are only available to Pokémon fans in Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

You can get on the waiting list today and grab one soon! I don’t know about you, but I hope I have a chance to get a hands-on with these BOLDR Pokémon watches (especially the Charmander model)!

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