Logitech Signature Slim K950 Review: No-frills comfortable keyboard

I love keyboards. I think I have too many keyboards, but I still continue to buy keyboards. To me, keyboard is the tool of the trade. Without it, I can’t be writing this review or finishing my work in my day job. So, if anyone wants to send me a keyboard to review like the latest Logitech Signature Slim K950, I have no hesitation in saying yes.

The Logitech Signature Slim K950 in graphite. (Photo: Logitech)

Unlike many customised keyboards I own, the K950 is pretty much a normal keyboard in the sense that you cannot change the key caps or swap key switches. But if changing key caps or lubricating key switches is not your cup of tea, the K950 might just be your ideal keyboard.

  • Price: S$139, get it at Shopee
  • Size: 134.8mm x 433.8mm x 23.1mm
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Logi Bolt
  • Batteries: 2 x AAA (included)
  • Weight: 685g (with batteries)

Available in graphite and off-white (version reviewed), it is a wireless full-sized keyboard complete with the home/end keys cluster, arrow keys and numeric pad. While this means the keyboard will take up much table top space, it is rather thin at 2.3com thick. It also has easy-to-use tilt legs that allow for an 8-degree typing angle for optimal comfort.

The keyboard is pretty thin and has tilt legs for an 8-degree typing angle. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

The build of the K950 is good but a tad plastic, something you would expect from its price. But it is rather light at most 685g only. By comparison, my customised Keychron Q1 easily weighs more than 1kg.

Being a “normal” keyboard without weird placement of keys, typing on the K950 is a breeze without any “retraining”. Furthermore, it uses scissor-actuated membrane switches for a more familiar laptop-like typing experience.

Quiet and comfortable typingNo backlighting
Extra keys with dedicated functionsPrinted key cap legends
Easily switch between connected devices
Long battery life

For those who prefer the enthusiastic tactile response of mechanical switches like myself, this might feel not as satisfying. But the K950 requires less strength to press each key and allows for much more comfortable typing. Plus, it is relatively quiet compared to the loud mechanical switches. So, your co-workers will love you for that.

Not to mention, the K950 offers some additional dedicated keys for functions like language, emojis, calculator, screenshot, and search. You can also customise the keys from the default shortcuts to something you prefer using the Logi Options+ software (available in macOS and Windows).

You can customise some keys to your preferred functions. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

The best part about K950, like many Logitech professional keyboards, is that it allows you to connect and switch among three devices by pressing three Easy-Switch keys sited above the home/end key cluster. This allows you to easily switch between your personal phone and work laptop.

The three Easy-Switch keys. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

To pair with one device, just press and hold one of the Easy-Switch keys until the light on the key blinks repeatedly. Go to the device’s Bluetooth menu and add the keyboard to complete the pairing. As long as you remember which Easy-Switch key is for each device, a press of the key will almost immediately switch to that device.

Not to mention, the K950 can connect to your devices via Bluetooth or a USB-A receiver called Logi Bolt (which you can place inside the battery compartment). It also supports an array of devices from iPhones to iPads, from ChromeBooks to MacBooks. So even if you have an office Windows laptop, you can easily switch between the Windows machine and your iPad.

The Bolt USB receiver can be easily stashed in the battery compartment. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

On the downside, the legends are printed on the key caps – not engraved or embossed. For Singapore’s humid weather and our oily fingers, I do wonder about the durability of these legends. In my experience, many of these printed legends tend to “disappear” after one or two years of prolonged usage.

In addition, this keyboard does not come with any backlight. For those who might be working in the dark or hard in seeing, you might want to add a lamp to your desktop.

Two AAA batteries (included) are supposed to power the K950 for up to 3 years. (Photo: Trevor Tan)

On the bright side, battery life is said to be 36 months on two AAA batteries (included in the box). In other words, you do not need to worry about charging your keyboard or even changing batteries for a while.

VERDICT: The Logitech Signature Slim K950 is a no-frills wireless keyboard that allows easy switching among three devices with comfortable and quiet typing. With only two AAA batteries, it should serve you well for years to come.