Dedoco launches Ping, a Zero Trust Verification Platform, to tackle digital scams

Singapore-headquartered digital trust provider Dedoco today announced the official launch of its anti-scam verification platform, Ping. Ping tackles the prevalent threat of digital fraud through impersonation scams by making omni-channel communication between organisations and their customers verifiable in real-time. The technology provides a simple, actionable step for recipients to verify the authenticity of a message received via SMS, messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Line and Viber, or over email.

Daphne Ng (picture above, left), founder and CEO of Dedoco, said: “With our B2B2C model, Ping does more than just validate legitimate content. We help brands and businesses stay ahead of sophisticated tactics by placing guardrails across all channels facing attack. And with Singapore being the epitome of digital trust and security, we are proud to be a homegrown platform solving an important gap in last mile, self-serve verification; and to play a part in contributing to our crime prevention.”

An illustration of a verification process, shown above with the example of a financial institution. (Photo: Dedoco)

Available over the Ping app or integrated into an organisation’s native application, Ping provides scaled verification to tactically secure the most common channels for business-consumer communications, SMS, instant messaging platforms, and email. 

The solution works by ensuring only communications from pre-registered businesses can be verified by recipients, filtering out impersonation attempts by scammers. Upon registration, all outgoing communication is registered on Dedoco’s tamperproof Trust Engine, enabling customers to perform a simple authenticity check through the organisation’s mobile app or website. Customers will then be informed in seconds if the message is authentic, whilst messages that are verified as invalid will become part of organisations proactive fraud prevention strategy.

To keep ahead of evolving threats, Ping’s AI and machine learning-powered engine runs continuous behavioural analytics to provide organisations and law enforcement the alerts and insights that are critical to impactful counter-fraud measures. Through the surfacing of malicious messages and their content in real-time, Ping aims to fast-track the blocking of vulnerable accounts and the reporting of nefarious links to the authorities for takedown.