New features, including generative AI, available on Google Pixel 8 Pro

Tech giant Google’s December feature drop on its Pixel 8 Pro (my review here) phone is pretty massive. For a start, it will be including its latest artificial intelligence (AI) model, Gemini, into the smartphone.

Gemini is the result of large-scale collaborative efforts by teams across Google, built from the ground up to be multimodal. Google said this means it can generalise and seamlessly understand, operate across and combine different types of information including text, code, audio, image and video.

Gemini is designed to efficiently run on everything from data centres to mobile devices. Its state-of-the-art capabilities are said significantly enhance the way developers and enterprise customers build and scale with AI. The first version, Gemini 1.0, comes in three different sizes:

  • Gemini Ultra — our largest and most capable model for highly complex tasks.
  • Gemini Pro — our best model for scaling across a wide range of tasks.
  • Gemini Nano — our most efficient model for on-device tasks.

Gemini Nano will be running on Pixel 8 Pro today as the first smartphone engineered for it, thanks to the power of Tensor G3 processor. Here are the latest Generative AI-powered features for Pixel, along with other updates for productivity, customisation and AI-mazing photos and videos. 

Powered by Gemini Nano on your Pixel 8 Pro

  • Summarise in Recorder so you can get a summary of recorded conversations and more – even without a network connection. 
  • Smart Reply in Gboard so you can save time with suggestions of high quality responses with conversational awareness – available now to try now with WhatsApp, coming soon to more apps next year onwards!

*Both Summarise in Recorder and Smart Reply in Gboard are available globally in  en_US.

Capturing memories more vividly with AI-powered photos and videos 

  • Video Boost on your Pixel 8 Pro that enables Night Sight video which uses AI to reduce noise in videos recorded at night or in low light conditions so you don’t miss out on rich detail and colour. 
  • All new Night Sight in Timelapse to help you record vibrant and detailed timelapse videos even in low light. Just set your Pixel on a steady surface and let your Pixel Camera do what it does best – capture amazing videos at night! 
  • Refocus with the upgraded Photo Unblur to capture the clearest images of your furry friends, especially if they can’t sit still! Or of your human friends as well, as it still helps to refocus people’s faces and backgrounds. 

Making life easier with more productivity tools 

  • All new Clean features that can help remove blemishes like stains or creases from scanned documents. Simply access it through the Camera app! 
  • Stay safe with Repair Mode that protects your personal data while your device is getting fixed up at the repair shop. 

For more information about the December feature drop, you can head over to Google’s blog here.